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Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame with GTS Script - Porsche (PNA-702-005-48)

Genuine Porsche Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame with GTS Script - Part Number PNA-702-005-48

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    Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame with GTS Script.  

    Carbon fiber is the cutting edge of automotive design and styling.  We have literally spent a year in designing these Carbon Fiber frames that meet the exacting standards of our customers and ourselves.  Below are several important facts in how we make our Carbon Fiber frames that will help differentiate us from the Aftermarket.

    Raw Materials we use:  We only use pre-impregnated Carbon cloth.  That means the cloth is impregnated with a precise amount of resin before we start.  This cloth must be refrigerated or it will cure prematurely. This cloth is more expensive and more costly to process, but the result is a part free of voids, pin holes and any excess resin pooling.  The Carbon weave is made straight using this process, not wavy or distorted as you can see with inferior starting cloths.

    Finishing process we require:  Most Carbon accessories are done at this point, which leaves them dull and uneven.  We clear coat our accessories with an automotive grade polyurethane with a built-in UV inhibitor, and then we allow a full week for the clear coat to settle and cure.  Then the parts are hand water sanded, clear coated again, and then hand polished. The result is a mirror like finish comparable to the hand polished finish on our Stainless Steel accessories.  This also helps prevent the fibers from showing through the topcoat as time passes, which is known as “reed through.”

    Don’t be fooled by “Catchwords:  Marketing terms like “Grade A Carbon” are meaningless or are a misuse of the technical information that do not reflect the quality.  Even the “K” number, which indicates the number of fibers in a tow or strand of carbon, has to do with structure, and not quality. Since our frames are appearance driven and not functional, the raw materials and production process we use are the primary concerns.

    Unique Frame thickness we specify:  We have specified a frame thickness of 2 mm, which is much more than aftermarket Carbon frames.  Although it uses more material, the result is a frame that comes out of the mold straight and retains that structure even after repeated cold/hot temperature cycles.

    Warranty:  Because of the high quality and workmanship that goes into Porsche License plate frames, these products fall into the standard over the counter Porsche warranty for Tequipment products of 2 years.

    *Back-ordered - item will be reactivated for sale once inventory is replenished.

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